Hear what our clients have to say:


nick foster- Nick F, 29
Newport Beach, CA

“I started working out at Premier Fitness in August 2007. I remember walking in without an appointment and not knowing what to expect. Within 5 minutes I was introduced to Sean Clark, the owner and a trainer of the gym. He gave me a consultation in which we mapped out our goals and expectations. I have struggled with weight my whole life so I was apprehensive to schedule a work out the next day, but we did. Flash forward to six months later, I was in the best shape of my life after losing 35lbs, and I am happy to say with the help of Sean I have kept the weight off and continued to tone my physique.

I love working out at Premier Fitness because it is a different experience that other gyms. When I was overweight I was afraid to go to lift weights in a public fitness center. You don’t get that at Premier Fitness because it is a private yet open environment with a friendly staff of trainers who all take their job very seriously. Furthermore, the facility is never too crowded and the equipment is top of the line. I’ve been working out at Premier Fitness for three years now, and I can’t imagine a better place to get in shape and have fun at the same time.”



brandina jenson- Brandina Jenson, 33
Newport Beach, CA

“Premier Fitness is the best personal training gym in Newport Beach. I have trained on and off for approximately 10 years with several different trainers. Each trainer goes the extra mile to not just train you but really help you reach your goal.
I’ve used a trainer at Premier Fitness:

The staff was by my side every step of the way. Training here makes a healthy lifestyle and feeling your best easier because you are with people who know what they’re doing and become friends during the process. I would recommend this facility to anyone at any age. THANKS GUYS!!!!!”