About Us

My name is Sean Clark. As the owner of Premier Fitness, I am a personal trainer and a chiropractor. Originally started by my father 16 years ago, Premier Fitness was created with the intent to provide a family oriented atmosphere. Our primary work ethic is helping others achieve their health and fitness goals.

Our facility is a private personal training environment. We believe privacy and comfort ability are key ingredients to out clienteles’ success. In order to help you maximize your results, we do not offer gym memberships or large group training sessions. That means no crowds, distractions or waiting for that one exercise piece longer than a minute. Our gym equipment is state of the art, maintained daily to ensure safety for all Premier Fitness clientele and trainers. In addition, full bathroom amenities are provided.

Why Us:

At Premier Fitness, we have a variety of certified personal trainers with multiple specialties to give you options on your fitness goals. From what I have seen in this industry, most training facilities have only one system of training that they use. Here, we do our best to make sure all types of fitness are regularly available to you. If it is not, we will point you in the right direction. After over a decade and a half of consistency in the fitness arena, adaptability is the main ingredient that makes Premier Fitness the success it is today.